Citrix Essentials for Microsoft Hyper-V provides customers with a powerful set of advanced virtualization management capabilities that extend the enterprise management capabilities of Hyper-V and System Center to help make virtualized environments more scalable, more manageable and more agile.  

Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V includes:

  • Automated lab management enables Hyper-V customers to develop, test and deliver applications faster by automating and simplifying the entire virtual machine lifecycle, including movement across virtualization platforms.
  • Advanced storage integrationusing Citrix StorageLink™ technology makes it easy for Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center customers to fully leverage all the native power of their existing array-based storage systems.
  • Dynamic provisioning serviceslets customers centrally manage a common set of master images which can be streamed on-demand into Hyper-V virtual machines or physical servers.
  • Hypervisor interoperability makes it easy for customers to manage virtual machines across heterogeneous Hyper-V and XenServer environments.

You’ll find the beta software here. (If you don’t have a My Citrix account, you’ll be asked to create one first; if you have one, you may be asked to log in.)

Support for this beta release is being provided via an online forum where you can share your experiences with Citrix personnel and other users. To access the Essentials for Hyper-V Early Release forum send us an email with forum in the subject line to Please include your My Citrix username in the email.

Please check out the advanced capabilities of Citrix Essentials for your Microsoft Hyper-V environment, and help us deliver the best virtualization management experience we can.