I recently had a conversation with Tom Reed from Marathon Technologies about their everRun solution. Marathon verified their everRun VM solution to be Citrix Ready for Citrix XenApp. As a high availability solution, many of you might wonder why you would need high availability in a XenApp environment. The purpose of this discussion is to address this curiosity. And thanks to Tom for having this conversation.
Sridhar: With load balancing available as part of XenApp why do you need high availability software?

Tom: Load balancing and high availability are two different things. With load balancing you are able to distribute the load across many servers, so your system runs more efficiently but this doesn’t protect you from downtime. By adding high availability software into the mix, such as Marathon’s everRun, you can lower the number of help desk calls due to power failure, component failure, or other common sources of downtime.

Sridhar: What components of XenApp infrastructure would benefit from everRun’s High Availability offering?

Tom: Any single point of failure in your XenApp infrastructure would clearly benefit. For example, the Data Store, License Server, Zone Data Collector, and “Application Silo” servers hosting critical applications.

Sridhar: For what types of “application silos” would you recommend your level 3 protection?

Tom: In short, any application where users can’t tolerate any downtime. The beauty of everRun software is that it is application agnostic. This means any application that is critical can be protected with our “level 3” protection. Level 3 will be available in Q2.

Sridhar: What happens if your data store is unavailable in the DR site?

Tom: Your users won’t be able to connect correctly. If there was an update provided to the farm, a number of things such as printer drivers etc would become out of date.

Sridhar: Can everRun be used to protect Citrix Access Essentials, the SMB solution of XenApp?

Tom: Absolutely! We can provide the same automated high availability protection for CAE that we provide for XenApp Enterprise and Platinum Editions.

Sridhar: Thanks Tom for your time today and to the readers, we thank you for your interest.

To learn more about this joint solution, join Sridhar and Tom, along with Peter Blum from the Citrix XenServer team at this upcoming complimentary webinar:

Virtualize and Fortify XenApp for Lower Costs & Higher SLAsHow can you get an even better return on your XenApp investment? Virtualize it with Citrix XenServerTM. Then fortify it with Marathon everRun®.Date: March 18, 2009
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Speakers: Sridhar Mullapudi, XenApp Senior Product Manager, Citrix Systems
Peter Blum, XenServer Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Citrix Systems
Tom Reed, Senior Solutions Architect, Marathon Technologies

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