After seeing Vishal’s blog about the Extentrix Internet Explorer Toolbar, I tried the tool myself.

Here are some features I like.

  • Show and hide applications or folders. In effect, you can have your favorite published applications on your IE tool bar.
  • Ability to auto launch applications you select when IE starts up.
  • Ability to specify a parameter to a published application. This feature may be handy if you are going to use a published MS word to edit a file you have on your local machine for the next few days for example.

There are other UI features that are neat too.

The interface for specifying the logon credentail doesn’t seem very intuitive to me. But I didn’t read admin guide I guess I am not alone. Make sure you specify the full PN agent URL in this version. It won’t take just the server name.

 You can download it from this link.

Ray (Ruiguo) Yang
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