For those of you looking to try something new and powerful for Citrix XenApp, I suggest you check out the new Extentrix Turbo Access Toolbar. A 30 day trial of this Citrix Ready™ verified product is available at here.

The toolbar integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer and easily connects to your PNAgent
URL for complete secure and transparent published application launching. The toolbar provides
the following features:

• 3-D look and feel of icons
• 3-D adjustable icons
• Customization of toolbar content
o Show icons only
o Show text only
o Show text and icons
o Show and hide applications
• Single-sign on
• Always on demand

Extentrix ships two versions of this toolbar for personal use or enterprise use. The enterprise
edition requires Extentrix Web Services Application Edition 3.0 which is introduced by Chris
Fleck in an earlier blog posting here.

The personal edition allows anyone to leverage this tool independent of your organizations
published application entry point – the user simply points the toolbar to the company PNAgent URL and the tool takes care of the rest.

Download your free trial today!