Two years ago Citrix released developer licenses for Citrix XenApp. However I still see tons of requests for an eval license for trying out XenApp in support forums and community in general. The XenApp developer license gives a 2CCU license to evaluate XenApp for 12 months. It is a really good option to deploy a small lab for testing or build a XenApp environment for SDK development or testing but as Brian Madden mentioned in his blog while back this free edition of XenApp is not sufficient for “real” testing, but serious Citrix customers can still contact a reseller to get a 99-user, 90-day eval license. The 1 year developer license is also a good option for trying out XenApp in personal lab and getting Citrix certified. The developer licenses will work on XenApp 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 servers.

Here is step by step process to get your own developer license.

Step 1: Sign up for a Free MyCitrix account

Step 2: Login to MyCitrix and select “Product Previews / Beta Releases – License Retrieval” from the “My Tools” widget.

Step 3: Select “Presentation Server Dev. Edition”

Step 4: Verify that you are assigned a license code and then Click Continue

Step 5: Search for a solution advisor or select “I cannot find my reseller” and continue.

Step 6: Verify the contact and address information

Step 7: Determine the hostname of License Server and click continue (Tip hostname is case sensitive)

Step 8: Retrieve and save your XenApp license.

If you are a hobbyist or geek like me who wants to try out XenApp server but don’t want to install XenApp from scratch but want something quick. I have created XenApp Demo AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with a developer license and Chris Fleck has a video where he explains how to get your own XenApp Server in Amazon EC2 cloud in 15 minutes using the XenApp Demo AMI.