As the Beatles so famously declared in 1967, we can all use the help of a good friend. From day one, Citrix has always had a strong partner community to ensure that we deliver as complete and robust a solution to our customers as possible. In fact, with over 2200 companies enrolled in the Citrix Technology Member Program more than 800 products from 150 companies verified as part of the Citrix Ready Program and nearly 1200 products in 8000 instances documented in the Citrix Ready Community Verified Program, I would say that we have reached a level of partnership that few companies in the industry can match.

However, that is not enough. It’s easy to partner when the economy is good, but it’s even more essential to pull together when times are tough. In that spirit, the Citrix Ready team held a webinar for our Citrix Ready partners yesterday (available for Citrix Ready Partners to replay here) to discuss important new changes made in the program that will elevate the value of the Citrix Ready program not only for our partners, but perhaps more importantly, for our customers and channel partners.

The Citrix Ready team is constantly in touch with our partners to ensure that we evolve the program to ensure that the program brings value to our partner community. While there are many ways to calculate the value of a program, the most basic way to quantify the program value is to assess the value of the benefits against the cost to participate in the program, more simply stated:

                        Value of Citrix Ready Program == Program Benefits / Cost of Program

Obviously the quantification of the numerator is subjective and will vary for each company participating in the program, how engaged they are in the program, how many benefits they take advantage of, etc. The denominator is clearly described in terms of the program fees. Therefore, to increase the value of the program, the job of the Citrix Ready team is pretty simple - Increase the value of the benefits without increasing the costs of the program.

That might be enough if times were good. However, they are not. As such, we challenged ourselves to see if we could really, really, find a way to pull together the partner community for the mutual benefits of our customers and channel partners. I am pleased to share with you that the team did just that and found a way to increase the benefits while decreasing the program costs by 1/3!

Yes, you read that correctly, more benefits at lower costs.

(For those of you that are following the math, we increased the numerator while decreasing the denominator thereby supercharging the value of the program!)

Specifically, we announced the following new Citrix Ready program benefits:

  • Enhanced partner communication and collaboration via Citrix Ready Forums, Citrix Ready Blogs, Citrix Ready Newsletters and a Citrix Ready Steering Committee
  • Increased participation in our channel program communication and events
  • Deeper involvement with our products via quarterly technology roadmap seminar series and discounts on Citrix Education programs
  • Extended marketing benefits that include education and inclusion in our “Key Play” go to market activities, customer newsletters and Citrix Communities such as the Community Verified site

In addition, all of these benefits are available via the web regardless of what geographic location or time zone the partner is located in, providing 24×7 access enabling our partners to take advantage of these benefits when it is convenient for them, not based on Citrix’s availability.

While I doubt that Vicky, Tricia, Vishal and I will ever be confused with John, Paul, George and Ringo, we certainly aspire to uphold the spirit of those Beatles from 1967.