A group of volunteers from Citrix formed a Green team recently to promote “green” initiatives i.e. protect environment and reduce waste. 

One of the recent initiatives the team launched was called “Mug Day”. Here is how it works:

Citrites present a mug to their floor captain, pledging to use it instead of disposable cups.They will be entered for a drawing.

As one of the floor captain, I was encouraged by the partication. Here is what one floor captain wrote afterwards:

“..On my floor, 29 engineers proudly showed me their coffee mugs for this raffle. Some of the mugs were brand new, purchased just for this raffle, possibly the only mugs these young guys own. ..”

This experience shows that people do care and will respond if they are given an opportunity to do their part in some small but tangible way. I am proud to be working with such a group of people.

As a technology company, Citrix offers products that help people be green by enabling remote working, reducing physical machines etc. I created an experimental project called “Citrix PowerSmart” specifically for reducing power consumption. There is more to come. I will blog about them when I get clearance to do so

I want to share our success story with you and would like to hear yours. I hope we can learn from each other. Please comment if you have something to share.


Ray Yang

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