Two days ago IBM announced the availability of 4 of their products on Amazon EC2 cloud. Check it out here.

It’s another indication that cloud computing is gaining momentum. If you look closely though only virtual machines for development and demo purposes are available now. But IBM says production version is going to be supported too. The fact that IBM, the enterprise company, is trying EC2 says something. That’s probably why the story has been making headline news. I am interested to know if IBM will create their competing cloud platform for enterprise in the future. What do you think?

I am not surprised with this IBM announcement since my group has been doing something similar. Chris Fleck announced unofficially the availability of popular Citrix XenApp on EC2 last week. Chris included a very informational video with step by step instructions on how to get your XenApp running in the cloud in 15 minutes. I found it very useful. I would rather prefer watching a 15 minutes video than reading a long getting started guide!

Plus the IBM getting started guides recommended EC2 command line tool. In Chris’ video, he showed how to use the new Amazon EC2 GUI console. I tried Chris’ method to launch IBM instances. It worked for me. So for the folks like me who prefers GUI over command line, you may find Chris video useful too even if you are only interested in trying out IBM products on EC2.

Let me know what Citrix products you would like see in Amazon EC2.