For those of you who were not able to attend the live event or wish to re-watch it, you can get to the recording by going here: 

Q: Where can I get NeScaler training

A: You should check out the Citrix Training website for information on classes and locations. (

Q: Is there Web Interface and XML Broker Monitors part of Citrix Access Gateway Ent.?

A: Access Gateway Enterprise Edition is a component on the NetScaler platform.  In order to use Access Gateway functionality along with the load balancing functionality, you will need to have the correct license for the NetScaler platform.  Please take a look at the Citrix NetScaler Editions description (

Q: In the demo being shown, if the application is only available via the Minneapolis datacenter, but the user is closer to the Ft Lauderdale datacenter, is it possible to configure the NS/AG to redirect the connection to the Minneapolis NS pair instead?

A: Excellent question. The challenge with your question is that NetScaler does not know which application you intend to launch when it decides the most appropriate data center.  Even if the NetScaler sends you to the Ft Lauderdale data center, you will still be able to launch an application only available in the Minneapolis data center, but you still have your SSLVPN session going to Ft. Lauderdale.

Q: If you have redundant WI and/or XML Broker servers set up does NS determine that the Primary has gone down and alert the admin that redundancy is no longer there?”

A: These should be SNMP traps that you could pick up with a management tool to alert the administrator.

Q: What happen if we have two sites with different subnets and we have two DNS over NAT?

A: Two sites with different subnets, NAT, etc is fine. Your configuration will just be different and include different addresses.  With multiple DNS servers, you just need to make sure that the fully qualified domain name you setup as part of Global Server Load Balancing is configured on both DNS servers to point to the NetScaler devices, which are the authoritative DNS servers for that domain name.