The senior architect at a major bank recently told me how they use Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer to deliver the Cisco IP Communicator softphone from XenDesktop to LAN-connected users. The Wyse V10L thin clients are equipped with Netcom GN 2000 USB headsets. He reports that the audio quality over USB is “excellent” and bandwidth consumption appears to be minimal. Sounds like a great solution for delivering potentially any softphone from XenDesktop to Wyse thin clients and desktop appliances!

So what about users who don’t have a Wyse thin client? As part of the expansion of our HDX RealTime technologies, Citrix is near to completing the development of an enhanced audio subsystem for XenDesktop, comparable to what we have in XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008. The HDX RealTime audio subsystem will provide broad compatibility with softphones and the “voice chat” feature of Unified Communications applications. And later this year, look for news of further enhancements to HDX RealTime with the Ulysses audio codec technology that I blogged about some time ago, designed to provide outstanding audio quality with minimal bandwidth consumption. These enhancements are aimed at improving the multimedia virtual desktop experience for on-premises users while establishing a foundation for future support of VoIP for remote workers.

Derek Thorslund
Product Strategist, Multimedia Virtualization