For those familiar with XenApp, you already know a key capability of XenApp is delivering Windows applications to many different client devices. Most of us probably don’t think about it much, but this capability translate into a couple of really important benefits for our customers, especially in today’s economic climate:

  1. You easily can deliver Windows applications to endpoints running variety of OS’es (Windows, Linux, netbooks like the eeePC and of course, the iPhone - coming soon). One example is companies are implementing work-from-home programs to eliminate commute time, reduce electric consumption and consolidate office real estate. Users can work from home, using their own computer. They have a Windows PC – no problem. Mac – sure, we’ve got a client for that too. eeePC? check out the link above.
  2. You can also extend the life of those equipment & extend your hardware refresh cycle - imagine having the ability to run a Office 2007 or your favorite business critical apps on a legacy Pentium II desktop.

That said, I’d like to take a poll on what OS you’re using to access XenApp. Please login to vote!