EasyCall Conferencing

One of the larger expenditures for enterprises is the cost of voice communications, specifically conference calling. Most enterprises use an outside vendor to host the conference calling capabilities for global communications between internal employees and external participants. You can completely do away with that cost with EasyCall Conferencing. Here is how it works…

EasyCall Conferencing, which is a feature of EasyCall, allows EasyCall users to quickly set up ad-hoc conferences by sending participants an EasyCall Conferencing URL. Participants join a conference call simply by clicking a URL instead of having to dial a conference phone number and complex access codes. The calls are hosted on the EasyCall Gateway, providing toll-free access at much lower cost than commercial audio conference services.

To enable external users to join EasyCall Conferences, join requests must be proxied to the EasyCall Gateway from the internet as the EasyCall Gateway is always installed inside the corporate firewall. This is similar to many web applications that require protected external access, and the HTTPS proxy is simple to configure on the Citrix Netscaler to provide the necessary SSL Offloading and Content Filtering.

The Citrix NetScaler System provides continuous service availability through application-level protection by blocking attacks and delivery of the EasyCall application securely. The Citrix NetScaler Content filtering prevents unwanted requests from reaching the EasyCall Gateway.

The EasyCall Conferencing configuration template for the NetScaler policies is provided free of charge right here on our community website. Just import it, and your NetScaler is setup for EasyCall Conferencing.

Together, the EasyCall Gateway and NetScaler provides a low-cost, non-recurring charge, to host global conference calls with your own equipment, making it easy for participants to join just by clicking a URL … no cryptic meeting codes or passwords.

Download the EasyCall Conferencing / NetScaler Deployment Guide Guide.

Download the EasyCall Conferencing – NetScaler AppExpert Configuration Template.

Watch how easy this is:

How it will look in your network:

Download the EasyCall Virtual Appliance here.

Get the NetScaler here.

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