Now that the covers are off on our 2nd and 3rd big announcements of 2009 so far – XenDesktop 3 and HDX technology- I’ve been getting lots of followup questions.

  • “Is it immediately available?” Soon! We officially said February 2009, so we have a few weeks yet in the month to stay true to that
  • “What does HDX stand for?” The official answer is “High Definition User Experience” but I have seen “High Definition Xen” and “High Def Extensions” which are kinda cool, too – but wrong… So be an insider and get it right!
  • “Is HDX just a new name for ICA or SpeedScreen or…” NO. HDX is a much broader technology statement and vision than just a protocol or individual technology. Just like they say it takes a village to raise a child – it takes a delivery system and a community of partners to truly create the best user experience. HDX signifies a strategy to essentially do whatever it takes to create that user experience – and we’re not thinking just inside the boundaries of what a protocol can do…
  • “Is Desktop Streaming related to Project Independence?” No – not at this time anyway. Desktop streaming is part of the way that we extend the concept of single image management and desktop delivery to LAN-connected office workers using fairly standardized PC hardware. Independence is part of our strategy for addressing mobile worker use cases and BYOC initiatives.

That’s it for now, I’ll add to the list as I get more frequently asked questions.