Workflow Studio 1.0 was released this week and is now available for download on MyCitrix to current Citrix partners, and to customers of XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, and NetScaler who are current on Subscription Advantage. You can access the download directly here. The Workflow Studio platform will allow our customers and partners to automate processes across Citrix products and with 3rd party products, truly delivering on the vision of transforming a datacenter into a delivery center. I am excited about this release and look forward to seeing what the community thinks and what ideas you have.

Citrix Partners can drive huge value to customers by developing custom Workflows using Citrix Workflow Studio. From automating routine manual processes like User Administration to more powerful integrated processes like Power Management, solutions can be built that are tailored to specific business requirements. Since WFS is built on Microsoft technologies, Partners can quickly ramp up to speed and staff resources to develop workflows in a very short period of time.

I apologize for the long break in my blog, but you can expect much more from me now that we have released. This release has some fairly significant changes/additions from the Tech Preview that I want to highlight here:

  1. Built on Windows Workflow Foundation - We have modified the architecture from what was in the Tech Preview so that now we leverage Workflow Foundation. Workflow Foundation is a technology that Microsoft released with .NET 3.0 and updated in .NET 3.5. This is a big change that we believe offers significant benefits to our customers as you will be able to leverage existing activity libraries from Microsoft and others. We also benefit from continued development of the platform by Microsoft and if you have developers working with Workflow Foundation they will be able to easily pick up Workflow Studio.
  2. Database-driven - We now require a SQL Server to store workflows. The benefit to you is that we automatically version your Workflows for you, so your workflows are no longer lost in your file system. Our installer will install SQL Server 2005 Express if you don’t have or don’t want to use a shared SQL Server.
  3. Job Management - Workflows can now be managed, monitored, scheduled, and run from within the Workflow Studio management interface. This functionality is also exposed via PowerShell snapins, giving you complete control of how workflows are run.
  4. Integrated Security - There is now built-in security settings that provide granular control over what a Workflow Studio user can do with a workflow.
  5. Integrated Community Support - Workflow Studio is a platform that our community can add value to in many ways. Sharing your experiences, sample workflows, activity libraries, and feedback will be a critical part of the Workflow Studio experience. We built in native integration with some of the sections of the Citrix Developer Network on the Community tab within the management interface.

I also want to highlight that this release does not include many of the libraries for accessing Active Directory, Windows, and Citrix products that were included in the Tech Preview. One of the things we did for this release was intentionally separate the Core product from the libraries that you add to access other systems. We will be releasing these libraries over the coming months for download and you will be able to select which modules you want to add as necessary. In addition to Citrix libraries, you will be able to add any standard Workflow Foundation Activity Library, and can build your own as well. I will be blogging more about these capabilities as I think this is a huge value for our customers and our partners.