At last! A long time in the making and a long time in waiting silently, but now we can finally talk about Project Independence (be sure to watch the cool demo at the bottom of the page). As Brian Madden mentions, this is something that has been brewing for a while. Partnerships like this with Intel don’t just happen overnight, you know!

This is really exciting for us to be working on, and I look forward to extending our solutions for dynamic, real-time desktop assembly all the way to offline mobile use cases. I think what’s also great is that you are getting more insight, earlier, into where Citrix is headed and what the product teams are looking at. The 5 predictionsthat we made today in conjunction with the announcement – while somewhat tongue-in-cheek how they are phrased – have some real powerful ideas and commitments behind them. I mean, of course users will still ask for a better PC – but for different reasons perhaps than they used to. For example, I know that my wife – a college professor, well educated, and generally computer literate – has this knee-jerk reaction to any issue with her PC: wireless flaky? I need a new PC! Email virus? I need a new PC! App update kill another app? I need a new PC! Or my favorite – OS automatic update slowing down performance? I need a new PC!  The more we can protect and isolate hardware from OS and OS from apps and apps from personalization, the more we can stop these types of issues from creating the wrong sort of end-user reaction.

We’ve made a pretty big statement so far this year, and it’s not even the end of January yet! As the year goes on, we plan to continue to share more about our roadmap, sometimes specific technologies like the client hypervisor, and sometimes more directional goals, like the 5 predictions.