Do you use XenApp? Thinking about it? Heard of it?  Want to make it better?  Are you alive?   If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then I highly encourage you to attend the XenApp Deep-Dive TechTalk series.  Each TechTalk focuses on one aspect of making your XenApp environments easier, better and more available.

Part 1: Simplifying the Migration to XenApp 5 with XenServer (Register)

The first TechTalk on February 2nd at 1PM Eastern Time is focused on a task I did not like doing when I was an XenApp admin (although it was called MetaFrame back then)… XenApp Migrations.  Each release of XenApp has some pretty cool features to help make the users more productive or make the environment easier to manage and XenApp 5 is no exception.  So the big question is why aren’t you migrating?  Is it because it takes too much time? Is it because it is too difficult?  A few months ago I blogged about the possibility of simplifying XenApp migrations with the use of XenServer (here and here).  This TechTalk will tell you if it is indeed possible.    Who knows, I might speak for 1 minute and say it doesn’t help at all, but I highly doubt that will happen .  If you want to find out if XenServer helps and how, you will just have to tune into the upcoming TechTalk to find out

Part 2: Simplifying Desktop Delivery with XenApp (Register)

A lot of talk lately is virtual desktop this and virtual desktop that.  Well, this TechTalk is also focused on the virtual desktop, but not in a way you would expect. Most people talk about virtual desktops as a new way of managing the desktop infrastructure and how XenDesktop is the best solution.  This TechTalk, on February 3rd at 1PM Eastern Time is focused on the XenApp portion of desktop delivery.  How can and should we use XenApp to make the virtual desktop solution easier?  What best practices are there for application delivery and integration into XenDesktop? Tune in to find out.

Part 3: High Availability for XenApp with XenServer and NetScaler (Register)

Is your XenApp environment delivering mission-critical applications?  What happens if a physical server fails, or a hard drive crashes, or a internet link dies or an entire data center goes offline?  As we all know, XenApp contains many different components and each one is critical to the proper operation of the environment.  This TechTalk, on February 4th at 1PM Eastern Time, will provide some of the best practices for providing fault tolerance and high-availability to XenApp environments.  Don’t leave your XenApp users in the dark if the lights go out.

I’m sure everyone will learn something or at least come away with a new perspective or idea on how to use and improve their XenApp environments.  I know I’m looking forward to getting some of your comments on your environments and how they can be made better.  Hope to see many people there.