Besides demoing the Citrix Receiver for iPhone at MacWorld, I got a chance to check out the exhibit hall to look for other interesting products, here is what I found:

Video for the Nirvana Phone ? The MicroVision projector looked really promising, right now works well for movies in the right lighting conditions, the text clarity is not ready for applications though. Rev 2 maybe ?

The latest MyVu looked really good including text. This is ready when we get application Video out from the iPhone.

How about a Keyboard Dock for the iPhone … I was hopeful but no luck. I did find a developer who has a keyboard working with a hacked iPhone , couldn’t get him on camera though..

The “InYourFace” clamp to hold your iPhone anywhere, I liked this a lot !

xDock another desktop stand, looks cool and works pretty well.

iRecorder rips any video right to your iPhone

Play tunes on your iPhone