Ever wanted to quickly update a document without having to pull out your laptop?  The video below shows updating a contract using Citrix XenApp and a Sprint HTC Touch Pro. Cut and pasting data between different documents is easy given the Touch Pro has a CTRL key, allowing quick cut and past via CTRL C/CTRL V across documents.

The file navigation is a new very early concept we are looking at , and was first shown off is Chris Fleck’s blog about the upcoming Citrix Reciever for iPhone http://community.citrix.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=52298806. I’ve used a slightly modified version in this video, more news on this later

Interested in trying out the App Reciever on your Windows Mobile Professional device (must have a touch screen), go to the Citrix download page to get it for free, point your phones web browser to your your Citrix farm’s Web Interface and give it a try (Windows Mobile Download Site).  You most likely want the ARM Processor Version 10.00 for you Windows Mobile Professional device.