Danielle and Nelson Ruest, both Microsoft MVPs and IT professionals, posted a comprehensive review of Citrix XenDesktop. Danielle and Nelson write “Citrix Systems’ XenDesktop is a state-of-the-art product for hosted desktop virtualization and may be the gold standard by which other products are judged in a feature-for-feature comparison.”

Additional Highlights:

*The article notes that Citrix is a leading-edge vendor in the VDI market segment, and that XenDesktop provides capabilities that span across Citrix’s virtualization and remote access products.

*Covers how XenDesktop combines features from the XenServer virtualization engine, Citrix XenApp delivery mechanism and the feature set from the acquisition of Ardence. It can manage thousands of different images based on a single core image.

*The authors highlight that Citrix have years of experience in remote Windows computing, and that XenDesktop provides a remote desktop delivery “edge” because it uses the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture for a richer end-user experience.

*The article states that Citrix has a strong relationship with Microsoft, resulting in a technology partnership that enables XenDesktop to support a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V back end.

*In conclusion, XenDesktop is praised for its ability to run on any of the major three server virtualization platforms, and is called one of the “very best VDI options on the market.”

Having worked with Danielle and Nelson, I am delighted to present their article and state what a pleasure it has been interfacing with them.

To learn about the many benefits of Citrix’s XenDesktop, please visit here

-Frank Anderson