So,  I’ve managed to hold of this long before adding myself to the Citrix Community blog site.  Shame on me, I should have done it ages ago, but I’ve been a tad busy recently.  As the product manager responsible for releasing XenDesktop, I’ve have the 2.0 and 2.1 releases on my plate, with more coming.

 So how to open my blog….

Well, how about how I work in a predominantly PC world as a predominantly PC user, with my shiny new MacBook ?

 I’ve been a PC user since I’ve used computers and in fact I’ve been dead against Macs ever since I had to develop on them when I was 17 at college (bad bad bad experience using filemaker on mac classics).

Anyway, I recently got a new shiny unibody MacBook in order to “understand” the platform and seeing as its increasing in use both in corporate and BYOPC modes into the workplace (yes its still FAR below PC use, but its enough to be interesting to me as Product Manager for XenDesktop).  Lest we forget, a lot of our execs here at Citrix use macs and the user experience on the mac for most basic tasks is far better than PC tasks (yes, even I will admit that) so we need to understand how our products can pull the best usability and features from this very user friendly platform.

So, I came into the mac world with perhaps another different perspective,  I didn’t plan to try and integrate my macbook into the corporate PC world at Citrix, I came into it with the BYOPC model in mind.  Yes its a corporate MacBook, but I want to think of it as my digital life, which can handle my personal and professional worlds (just like most mac owners do).  This is where the similarity stops, I use XenDesktop and the future of desktop delivery to separate and yet integrate my corporate and personal worlds on my MacBook.  I connect to my Vista XenDesktop either remotely from home or over the LAN in the office, in exactly the same way (via a URL to a Web Interface site which is bookmarked), I have configured the MacBooks “spaces” to use space 4 for ICA so my corporate desktop ALWAYS appears fullscreen in space 4 when I login.  I can use Outlook, Powerpoint etc 2007 for PC delivered via XenApp in my corporate PC world and can be as productive (if not more) whether I’m at home, work, in a hotel, cafe, etc.  I always get MY corporate desktop with MY apps and MY docs.  My MacBook does what it does best, it runs my digital life using for home email talking to my exchange server over IMAP.  I sync my ipod, use mac messenger, adium, GoToMeeting all natively on Mac for audio/video call purposes.  Its freaking awesome and its the future.

Why spend time trying to force two distinctly different operating systems, ways of life, even religions (PC vs MAC is essentially a religious argument) when we should all just accept that its not going to work.  Microsoft and Apple have no desire to help people use both, they want you to pick a side and become so indoctrinated in it you can’t move and purchase more software/hardware and become loyal to that platform (pretty much the same thing as games consoles, you get so invested in hardware accessories, games etc for the XboX360 that you can’t justify getting it all again for the PS3 (unless you are a nut )).

I don’t have to fight either operating system to get it to work as its not designed.  I don’t have to fight entourage, I don’t have to argue with trying to get PST files back and forth….  Yes I have to be “online” but thats really not much of a hardship these days, especially for Citrites

So, my point here is take control, use the right platform and right applications for the right job, stay productive, change the rules on Microsoft AND Apple, ignore the fact they are trying to pigeon-hole you into a religious battle of OS’s.  Do what is right for your corporate and personal life, stay productive, keep your hair on your head and use XenDesktop, I do.

Simon Plant
Senior Product Manager, XenDesktop
Desktop Delivery Group, Citrix