One of the exciting parts of being able to work on this project is the fresh and innovative approach we are taking to get the software in your hands as soon as we can so we can shape future releases.  It’s fair to say that the Braeburn team is working schedules like never before and using a much more agile approach to the project’s release.
We are aiming to be very transparent (through the use of this site) so that you know what’s going on with current and future releases of the project.

The way we are approaching the initial release is that we will be getting our version one on to the AppStore as soon as we can so we can get feedback from all of you… our plan is that it will have the core technology which will allow you to manage and make connections to the Citrix Delivery Center and as I mentioned, we are working on a very aggressive schedule and we will be having many regular updates to the project available on the AppStore as we add additional feature after feature.

But it’s not all about features that you have grown to expect from other the other App Receivers available to connect to Citrix infrastructure, we also have a few tricks up our sleeve that we think you’ll love on your iPhone… let’s just say we are thinking differently about ways to access and interact with your information whilst going mobile with the iPhone.

Each release will also incorporate suggestions from you guys as well (and of course the odd bug fix as well!), so please – make sure you contribute to the forums on this site (they will be up and running really soon).