Since the dawn of time (in Personal Computer time at least) there has been a clear separation, or should that be chasm?, between PC users and Apple users.  The differences are not only philosophical there are practical differences.

Each of the O/S’s has it its own quirks and usability paradigms.  The classic example has always been the mouse.  Apple users have always been happy with a single button, while PC users have always wanted more buttons…

The iPhone has introduced yet another paradigm, with its all touch screen design.

The Citrix Receiver for iPhone is being created to allow access to windows applications, through an Apple device which uses this new user experience.  As the designers and builders of this software we need to “Bridge the gap” between all three interaction methods.

I have to say this has led to some “vigorous” debates on the various suggestions to build this bridge.  Currently we have a few gestures and we think we can do almost everything a windows user would want to do.

However, I see scope for improvement.  I would like to hear you ideas on how a Windows user would like to interact, how a Mac user would like to interact and even how a Linux user would like to interact.

Now I don’t want to start an OS war.

What I am looking for are real suggestions and ideas.

To kick things off:-

Question 1
Does the Citrix Receiver for iPhone need to have “extra” keyboard keys?  For example would Alt, Ctrl, Tab, Delete etc be useful?

Question 2
If these keys are useful, what keys are needed?

I look forward to your responses.

Colin Warren
Lead Strategic Services Analyst
Advanced Products, Sydney