One of the most requested features from Service Providers and Enterprises is IP Address Management (IPAM). I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to customers ask for a platform that manages IP Addresses effectively on a large scale, even to the point of managing disparate classes and subnets. What happens when two companies merge, do you munge spreadsheets or do you have this software yet? It’s not only the software that is unique but that it runs as a XenServer VM in Para-Virtualized mode, meaning it is high-performance. Even better is these run in linux.

Nixu Software specializes in software designed for DNS, DHCP and IP address management. To run Nixu Products in a virtual machine environment, simply download the ISO installation media from their website and boot up a new virtual machine. The installation media auto-installs the entire server stack.

Unlike traditional computing appliances that require specific hardware to run on, Nixu Products provide a quick and cost-efficient way to migrate and consolidate core network services such as DNS and DHCP to virtualized computing environments. By streamlining tedious network and system management routines, Nixu Products offer exceptional availability and ROI.

Here are some of the Highlights of using NIXU DNS and DHCP in a XenServer VM:

  • Centralized IP Address Management
    • Merge/Join IP Blocks
    • Split IP Blocks
    • Subnets in use – report
    • Subnets free – report
    • Addresses in use – report
    • Addresses free – report
  • Runs in XenServer as a VM, optimized for Para-Virtualization
    • Supports pv-ops
  • Supports IPv6
  • Uses secure communication between secondary name servers, using keys
  • Role based administration
    • Assign subnets to administrative domains
  • Supports BIND syntax
    • For the BIND junkies
  • Has a configuration checker
  • Automated installation and maintenance reducing management overhead
  • Centralized management of all nameservers
  • Hardened design for security

WATCH this video tip:

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