Here is photo album of various photo’s I had taken at the Citrix Geek Speak Live event in Des Moines, Iowa. This was a multi role event in that it was also part of the Citrix Delivery Center Live event that was also hosting a virtual Geek Speak event during the same time frame as this event. The entire event was connected through GoToWebinar, I think that it was truly “phenomenal” that we were even able to pull it off. I would like to give a special thanks to Alliance Technologies and VisionApp for hosting and sponsorship of the Des Moines, Iowa Geek Speak Live event, and for making it a part of the Citrix Delivery Center Live event. I hope all of the attendees, physical and virtual, enjoyed the event. We look forward to your feedback so that we can make future events even more “phenomenal”,%20Iowa?ref=1