Many of you have seen or heard me speak about improving XenApp availability with NetScaler through the use of smart monitors, high-availability and business continuity solutions.  These things are extremely critical to any XenApp environment, just as beer is extremely critical to Homer Simpson.  As I’ve worked with previous NetScaler versions , configuring these solutions for XenApp was not very easy. It required you to go through and configure servers, services, monitors and virtual servers in multiple sites for multiple components. This required an understanding into how the NetScaler provides the fault tolerant solutions for XenApp and took quite a bit of time to complete.  Well, with NetScaler 9, let’s talk simplicity.  What used to take 60 pages to discuss in a white paper now takes 10 pages (with pictures for each step).  What used to take days to setup now takes minutes. Don’t believe me? Well, I dare you to attend this TechTalk and see for yourself.

If you want to see how to improve availability for XenApp easily, take a look at this TechTalk on Wednesday, December 10 at 10:00 AM Eastern and again at 2:00 PM Eastern.  How do you know if this TechTalk is for you? Well, if any of the following applies, then this TechTalk is for you…# If you have a XenApp environment that is critical to your business, this TechTalk is for you

  1. If you have a XenApp environment that contains multiple Web Interface and XML Brokers, this TechTalk is for you
  2. If you have a XenApp environment that has experienced an XML Black Hole, this TechTalk is for you
  3. If you have a XenApp environment that spans multiple locations, this TechTalk is for you
  4. If you require your XenApp users to remember multiple addresses to access the XenApp environment based on their location or availability, this TechTalk is for you
  5. If you like the TV show The Simpsons, this TechTalk is for you

That last one should result in millions of attendees

Hope to see you there