An easy step up to IPv6

IPv6 has been available on NetScaler since April 2007, but only to select customers, and with a limited feature set.

Today, with NetScaler version 9.0, the IPv6 feature set is complete, with support for IPv6 communication all the way back to the application servers that the NetScaler is protecting and optimizing. Now that the IPv6 feature has matured, it has been released with the latest version of software! NetScaler version 9.0 includes IPv6 communication to the application servers, and all the usual tools use for troubleshooting will be present, such as ping6, traceroute6, etc.

The “IPv4 Dinosaur” may well be a term used in the future to describe a site which doesn’t have an IPv6 representation on the internet. It’s not a label one would want if they consider themselves to be keeping up to date with the latest and greatest technologies, as that of the Citrix NetScaler Application Switch.

Do keep in mind, running an IPv6 ONLY network, is probably still an arms length away and not very easy to migrate to. What would be required is a hybrid approach – and this is where NetScaler version 9.0 can provide a quick solution.

It is possible to use IPv6 communication from the internet to your NetScaler, and then use IPv4 from the NetScaler to the application servers. This will provide an IPv6 presence on the internet for your external website, without having to use time, resources, and budget to rebuild your entire environment right away.

Think of this as IPv6 offload, if you will. The fact that the application and back end systems are running IPv4 will be fully hidden from the end user. You can then, in your own time, port your back end infrastructure over to IPv6 step by step, making testing and roll-back a cinch.

Of course, full IPv6 end-to-end communication is equally important, especially for those government accounts which require this box to be checked-off for any new hardware going into the racks. This is the newest part of this feature, which is also now available in NetScaler version 9.0.

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