First the thanks!

As we roll into the Thanksgiving week in the US, I thought I would give a quick shout out of thanks to all of you that have participated in the Citrix Ready Community Verified site. Verifications are coming in faster than we can keep up with them (which was, after all, the whole idea in the first place). As of this morning, we have well over 1,000 applications and products verified by customers and partners as “Citrix Ready”, backed by more than 7,000 verifications… more than 500 were added this week alone, and it’s only Wednesday!

I’m assuming that you have all seen the Citrix Ready Community Verified site and you know it rocks… not because of anything we’ve done, but because it’s created, owned and maintained by YOU; if not don’t just take my word on it, check out Chris’ blog, or Rene Vester’s two blogs, here and here, or even Brian Madden’s review, …or of course, the site itself!

By many standards, the site has proven to be an overwhelming success. We launched it at Citrix Summit on October 25 this year with 600 Applications and 500 Community Verifications. In the month since launch, these numbers have gone through the roof with no end in sight. In fact, I am already hearing of cases where the Citrix Ready Community Verified site has encouraged customers to virtualize more apps, helped channel partners answer customer & prospect questions more quickly and technology partners who have submitted apps (theirs as well as from other vendors).

Citrix IT has even taken up the challenge by starting to validate all the products and applications we use internally in our IT environment. I challenge all of you reading this to verify via the “voting” function all apps and other products you are using via XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer and NetScaler!

May I have another? Or more appropriately, may we give you another?

The Citrix Ready Community Verified site is a great example of how a community can share small bits of information that doesn’t impose a tax on the submitter (the apps are already deployed, submitters are just telling us they have already completed the work)… taking full advantage of the network effect to drive overall benefit.

So the question that I have for all of you, is what can we do next? The Citrix Ready Community Verified site is addressing a common question around product verification with Citrix products that has been around literally since the first release of WinFrame. Are there other longstanding questions, issues, etc that seem difficult to solve as an individual customer, SE, channel partner, technology partner or Citrix employee, that we as a community can attack?

My team and I are very interested in your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to help.

Please feel free to comment on this blog, or send an email to me at