NetScaler supports the chaining of Intermediate SSL Certificates

Up to 10 Chained Certificates to be exact, one Server Certificate and nine CA Certificates.

Verisign recently posted an advisory stating the discontinuance of Unchained SSL Certificates, and that all Verisign SSL Certificates issued after Dec 11, 2008 will be chained to Root CAs to align with security best practices – Read the advisory here.

Chaining of Certificates is done with Intermediate Certificates. What are Intermediate Certificates?

They sit in the middle, between the Public Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) and your Server, in our case the Citrix NetScaler.

The Citrix NetScaler Application Switch supports the chaining of SSL Certificates just for this very purpose, and to show how easy it is to obtain an SSL Certificate from a Trusted Certificate Authority, such as Verisign, and install it into the Citrix NetScaler, we developed the following deployment guide to walk you through the process.

Verisign Certificate Authority w/ Citrix NetScaler SSL Deployment Guide.

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