Citrix will soon release the next version of Access Gateway Enterprise Edition. By Citrix’s standards this version is a minor release so it hasn’t gotten much coverage. I’m here to fix that and give you an idea of what new features to expect.

First up is WANScaler interoperability. Remote workers (like me) can deploy Access Gateway and WANScaler plug-ins on their machine and get the benefits of a VPN with traffic acceleration and optimization. We’ll publish some performance numbers in the near future but based on my personal experience of using it every day, I can tell you that it’s fast – real fast. I can also report that this combination of technologies is now a permanent and necessary part of my work life.

Next, we added clientless access to SharePoint 2003 and 2007. The engineering team has spent time testing the product’s URL rewriting capabilities against the most popular applications and this time we’re officially supporting SharePoint.

Falling under the category of a better user experience, we’ve added single sign-on to file shares. When a user clicks on a link to a file share in their landing page, Access Gateway will attempt to use the user’s credentials to authenticate to the file server and eliminate the need for them to re-enter their credentials.

Not to be forgotten, we’ve also added functionality to help administrators. Historical charting is a graphical tool that can chart historical details about system performance and user activity.

And for those of you braving the protocol transition, we’ve added the ability to bridge from IPv6 external networks to IPv4 on the internal network. For now, this only works when users are connecting to XenApp or XenDesktop since the Secure Access VPN plug-in does not currently support this functionality. This version also gives the ability to define LDAP and RADIUS servers with an IPv6 address.

Look for this firmware update to be available from on November 27th. Enjoy!