It is great to see the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program growing and involving more and more of the community. There is now a new logo for members of the CTP program to be recognized by their peers and the industry.

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If you don’t know about the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program, here is a brief description of the program.

The Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program recognizes and supports the contributions of highly visible, credible and accessible individuals that have invested a tremendous amount of time, resources and expertise in Citrix products and solutions. These individuals have consistently demonstrated their real-world knowledge, industry expertise and technological insights.

CTPs have enabled the success of Citrix implementations worldwide, whether through sharing knowledge on web sites, publishing technical documentation, creating active communities of Citrix users, participating through online discussion forums, offering technical expertise in the field, and/or speaking publicly at conferences. The wealth of knowledge they have developed – and more importantly, openly shared – has proven invaluable to both Citrix and our customers.

Through the CTP program, Citrix is reaching out to the technical community to share ideas and provide insight into our plans. In turn we gather insightful opinions and collect valuable feedback. Through the CTP program and under non-disclosure agreement, we intend to offer both greater details into publicly available information, as well as advance knowledge of some of our strategies and planned technologies, in order to facilitate their ability to continue to offer trusted guidance and technical knowledge with the broader technical community.

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