I remember stories of my grandmothers childhood about how there was no such thing as electricity or the automobile, and how she had to walk to or ride a horse just to get to school. I think about today sometimes when I am with my nieces and nephews, and how they will never have known a world without the internet or cell phones, or that they even use a computer at school. Even for myself I remember some of the first cell phones that came out, and wow, were they huge compared to today’s standards. Well they are about to get even bigger, but not in size, but in capabilities.

In a recent article posted on BetaNews, Virtualization is poised to give mobile phones the business, takes this viewpoint and the abilities even a bit further.

“The possibilities are tantalizing. For instance, Citrix is said to be nearing the Apple App Store (metaphorically speaking) with virtualization software for the iPhone. If the makers of the popular GoToMyPC app can deliver, the new number-two smartphone vendor could offer a powerful push for adoption to business folk using Wintel systems at work.”


Can you imagine running, or should I say accessing, any of your applications from your cell phone? Sure, the screen is a little small, but it is usable. Recently at Citrix Summit, Citrix gave you a glimpse of running applications from the iPhone, with the Citrix Application Receiver. The screen size of an iPhone is just about right for delivering a user experience that one could/should have no problem, with exception of course. What an incredible time it is when you can actually have access to phone calls, text messaging, email, the internet, and your applications or even your desktop, all from a cell phone.