NetScaler’s Application Firewall offers great protection for Web Applications via a positive security model that lets the user decide what is allowed to reach their web server. Web site vulnerability and compliance requirements can be met by deploying this integrated firewall.

But the concept of the web is changing. Expanding beyond the traditional web pages, many sites now include programmable interfaces accessible via XML based APIs. While web sites are mainly for consumers, the programmable APIs are used by business partners and customers to automate and integrate systems. The APIs are also getting used by emerging Web 2.0 enabled Rich Internet Applications (such as Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight) that get deployed inside a consumer’s browser. Once deployed, these RIAs will make active and passive calls to the exposed APIs of a web site. Often exchanging information in the background using an XML based protocol like REST or Web Services.

As the Web and programmatic APIs continue to become more of an integrated offering, it is important to provide security for the APIs as well as for the Web site. NetScaler 9.0 introduces a major new module inside the Application Firewall centered on XML Security. With these new capabilities, users will be able to simultaneously secure HTML based web sites as well as XML based REST and Web Services APIs.      

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