Not very long ago I published a series on how to become an Application Expert. Citrix NetScaler 9.0 makes it easier with AppExpert Templates. NetScaler AppExpert Templates – introduced in NetScaler 9.0 – provide an application-centric view of the NetScaler system’s policy configurations. From a single place within the GUI (AppExpert -> Applications) NetScaler administrators can: 1) Configure the various AppExpert features the NetScaler is fronting, 2) View which NetScaler functional modules (e.g., compression, caching, application firewall) are optimized and active for a given application unit.

Additionally, AppExpert Templates allow you to drill down and see which individual NetScaler policies are active, and what policies are inactive but available, by application component and NetScaler module. From this same view, individual policies can be created, activated and deactivated.

AppExpert Templates can be downloaded, imported, modified and exported AppExpert Templates page of the Citrix Community Website. Administrators can download AppExpert Templates built by Citrix, Citrix Partners and members of the NetScaler community from the Citrix Community Website. These templates are easily imported into any NetScaler running NetScaler 9.0 or higher, jump starting the configuration and deployment process. Templates developed in-house can be easily exported and shared within your organization, or posted back to the Citrix Community Website for others to view and improve.

See the new AppExpert Templates page here!

Tap into the power of AppExpert!