So we’ve had some great community feedback around the Nirvana Device, the iPhone and a lot of other cool devices that can be used with XenApp (search in this blog for Nirvana if you want to catch up), but I’d like to step away from the “device wars” for a second and get your real opinions on what the use cases for XenApp with small form factor devices are.

From a business users perspective, what capabilities would a mobile device need to have for you or your employees to really leave your laptop at home on a business trip, or even replace the use of a laptop for some of your employees, maybe all of the time or some of the time?

Are there different categories of business users for mobile devices that make more or less sense? How would you define these categories and their needs?

What type of tasks makes sense for employees to perform on a mobile device and what value is added from using a mobile device instead of a laptop?

Chris Fleck’s Do you want Citrix XenApp to run Windows apps on the iPhone ? kicked off a lot of good discussions in this area, especially with the health care community, and I’d like to expand that discussion in this blog.

Rather them me telling you what problems your company has that Citrix can solve with a mobility solution, I’d rather hear what problems your company does have that need to be solved, possibly with Citrix.