As a mobility evangelist at Citrix, I can’t wait for the release of an iPhone app that allows me to connect to our Citrix backend with the iPhone! Only one problem. I don’t have an iPhone. Actually, I don’t want an iPhone. I’m currently hooked on the Sprint HTC Touch Pro with its full VGA screen, external keyboard and it works today with XenApp (will follow up with a blog on this device later).

Update: Sprint HTC Touch Pro review with videos using XenApp now at Sprint HTC Touch Pro, Ready Today

Ya the iPhone is cool, the HTC Touch Pro is cool, but to me the really cool thing is that XenApp enables you to leverage a unified application delivery infrastructure to deliver applications and data to whatever device makes sense for your business and users (here’s the opening for comments from BlackBerry and Android fanatics, so give us your feedback!).

I recently had the pleasure of briefly meeting Russ McGuire, Vice President of strategy for Sprint and leading strategist and visionary in the telecom industry. Russ is the author of the book, “The Power of Mobility” and in it he introduces McGuire’s Law ( ):

“The value of any product or service increases with its mobility.”

This really hit home with me, being that is exactly what XenApp does for Windows applications with mobility. XenApp increases the value of the applications it delivers by allowing them to be delivered to non-Win32 based mobile devices that these applications were never intended to be consumed on (Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone comming), thus increasing their mobility and value.

At the end of the day, a mobile device that is used to access business applications and data is a business tool. Companies need to decide which tools best meet their business needs, and in some cases, this means allowing the end user to make the decision, even if just to keep them happy Having a unified application delivery strategy that crosses the boundaries of all of the different mobile device platforms is a must to ensure your company gets the best TCO and ROI out of the applications you have already purchased and you stay competitive in an ever increasing mobile business environment.

So are you an iPhone fanatic, if not what’s yourPhone?