The App Compat Toolkit for XenApp is a valuable web resource that contains essential tools and best practices to help customers and partners quickly migrate applications to XenApp. It’s as easy as Analyze, Virtualize and Validate.

Analyze - Quickly determine which applications have already been delivered with XenApp by searching the new Citrix Ready Community Verified online database.

Automatically assess the application in your environment to understand any incompatibilities in detail by using the AppTitude Virtualization Manager for Citrix XenApp from our ISV partner AppDNA. This product is currently in beta, click here to download.

Virtualize - Best practice is to virtualize every application and manage as a single instance in the datacenter. This reduces incompatibility and conflict on the server and on the user machine and dramatically reduces testing and support costs

Validate - Choose the application testing method that is best for your environment. Test in house with fully configured Evaluation Virtual Appliance (EVA) or the new Citrix Ready Virtual Lab online test portal. Either way, you get to Proof of Concept and final deliver faster and with more confidence. To learn more, go to the Validate page.

The App Compat Toolkit for Xenapp gives you:

  • Faster time to application delivery
  • Increased confidence by following best practices
  • Quicker remediation of application incompatibilities
  • Leverage of the experience in the Citrix community

We introduced this last week at Summit and have received a favorable response. Please tell us what you think? Please leave a comment.