On Oct 15th we released HRP03 for PS 4.5 on Windows Server 2003 and XenApp 5 on Windows Server 2003. Traditionally XenApp HRPs (Hotfix Rollup Pack) are a bundle of bug fixes and hence not that exciting. But in HRP03, in addition to XenApp bug fixes we included IMA optimizations that provide the following benefits.

Improved Performance

  • Faster load balancing (up to 65% in >250 server farms)
  • Time to bring up a large global farm with multiple sites is dramatically reduced (the farm-wide start up time was improved by 25% on physical machines and 59% on VMs in >50 server farms)
  • Improved replication of session and load data over slow WAN links

Higher availability

  • Provide user access resiliency (avoids periods when new users are denied application access for several minutes)
  • Fewer data store corruptions
  • Data collector election resiliency (69% improvement in election time with 2,000 applications and 95% improvement with 50,000 sessions)
  • Better diagnostics
  • Optimized caching of user and group information on XML brokers to better handle environments with tens of thousands of users

These updates are further explained within CTX118658 and CTX118659. Also check out the 10 minute webinar explaining the technical details of these optimizations.