Dimitry Feigin just sent out the Citrix Booth Newsletter for this years Citrix Summit 2008, A job well done citrites!

To everyone that participated in Citrix Booth, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your contributions. It took close to 80 people from multiple divisions, countries, and continents to plan and execute Citrix Booth.
My personal thank you goes out to Patrick Arnold, Scott Estes, Shannon Ma and the rest of the Setup Crew (Joel Kattermann, Andy Zhu, Walter Olds, and Brian Sheppard).
I must also thank Corporate Events Team Marsha Maxwell, Erica Brendle, and Debbie Margulies for all organizational work they done in preparing the Booth. We had many challenges, but we were able to resolve them very quickly.

The Citrix Booth Demo Staff

Adam Lotz
Adam Marano
Al Grandville
Alexandr Smelov
Amit Dharmani
Andy Zhu
Ben Tucker
Brian Sheppard
Charlie Voong
Debbie Fox
Derek Cheung
Derek Slayton
Derek Thorslund
Ewan Mellor
Frank Anderson
Gareth Winston
Gus Pinto
Henri Quiniou
Henry Gancedo
Horst Heck
James Millington
James Rabey
Jeff PinterParsons
Jimmy Chang
Joel Kattermann
Joseph Tricarico
Juan Rivera
Julian Petrov
Justin Bullard
Laura Whalen
Lena Yarovaya
Luke Price
Manu Chauhan
Matt Bator
Michael Badarak
Michael Chang
Michael McFarland
Oded Nahum
Patrick Carey
Paul Murray
Pete Downing
Peter Schulz
Rajib Ghosh
Rana Kanaan
Rich Crusco
Roger Klorese
Sai Allavarpu
Sam Spence
Scott Lindars
Sean McSharry
Sheryl Buscheck
Stevan Bloom
Sunil Kumar
Tal Klein
Thomas Nikl
Tim Graf
Tim Mackey
Tim Simmons
Todd Giebler
Victor Cataluna
Victor Thu
Walter Olds

There are some more pictures located in the following photo gallery: