The Agenda for the PubForum 2008 Nice France event has been updated. I have included it here, but there still might be some possible last minute changes, so be sure to check the pubforum website for any further changes

Friday November 7, 2008

10.00 Introduction by PubForum Founder – Alex Yushchenko a.k.a. Dr.Conti

10.30 Keynote: “Vmware – latest developments” by Raimonds Martinovs. Novosco, UK

12.00 Lunch

13.00 “Citrix XenApp Server 5 – First Impressions” by Oliver Lomberg, Citrix EMEA

14.00 “Citrix Workflow Studion” by Ton de Vreede, NL

15.00 “Citrix EdgeSite 5.0” by Helmut Hauser, Germany

  • Comparision 4.5 <-> 5.0
  • Installation
  • Integration in Presentation Server
  • Troubleshooting (with Wireshark) Live Demo

16.00 “Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0”, Rich Crusco, Citrix US

17.00 Best Features of Microsoft TS 2008 + short overview of working together with SoftGrid 4.5, by Alex Yushchenko

18.00 End of the day

Saturday November 8, 2008

10.00 An overview of the Best Freeware tools for your Terminal Server, Citrix and SoftGrid infrastructure
by Wilco van Bragt, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, NL

11.00 AppSense Management Suite 8, by AppSense

12.30 Citrix XenDesktop, by Citrix EMEA

13.30 Lunch

14.45 RES

16.00 Citrix Application Streaming, by Citrix EMEA

17.00 XenDesktop Troubleshooting, by Citrix EMEA

18.00 End of the day

Sunday November 9, 2008

10.00 Citrix Printing – new features, all new, troubleshooting, XPS., by Citrix EMEA

11.00 “Remote Access – for who?”, David Hald, Danemark

12.00 “Building Change Friendly Delivery Systems”, Rick Dehlinger, VisionApp

Abstract: “Our industry is young, and changing at a dramatic pace. With the rapid
fire/high powered release schedules from leading technology vendors such as Microsoft,
Citrix, and VMware, keeping your infrastructure current (and getting the most value out
of the technologies you/your customer have invested in) is very challenging, specially
using contemporary tools and techniques.
In this session, Rick Dehlinger will share some of the techniques, tools, and technologies
he uses to build change friendly systems, including state of the art goods from Visionapp.
In the spirit of full disclosure: after using visionapp commercial software products to
build application delivery systems for the last 2 years, Rick recently began working for
visionapp after they acquired the company he co-founded post Citrix/Microsoft (iQurious).
While this session isn’t about visionapp specifically, their products have become the
foundation on which Rick builds application delivery systems. As such, you’ll see/hear
how these tools have helped him create a highly efficient, highly reproducible practice around
Microsoft/Citrix and application delivery.”