Citrix now provides a single place to look for application and 3rd party product compatibility. Beyond the featured Citrix Ready products we are now leveraging the power of the community including; customers, resellers, partners, consultants and Citrite’s to identify all 3rd party products known to work with all Citrix products. We have developed a community website that not only collects, consolidates and displays this essential information but it also provides “Digg” like voting functionality to quantify the number of verifications for each product. The site also includes a mash-up with support forums so relevant verification details can be provided as well as threaded discussions and problem resolution.  
We are counting on the community to use AND contribute to make this effort a success. So we made it easy to search, use and add your knowledge of 3rd party apps and products. Your MyCitrix ID will be identified as the original contributor, and if you see an app listed that you know works adding a vote is a simple click to vote. Top contributors of verifications/votes will be highlighted and forum posters can share deeper knowledge on the forums and include links to their own blog or company site. In order to maintain credibility of the program we do not allow a single user to vote more than once for the same verification and we do require that contributors are logged on with My Citrix credentials. 

Please take a look at the site, add your known apps and votes, and let us know any feedback to improve the site.