Part I of the Deep Dive into XenDesktop series reviewed the architecture. Part II covered the install and management tools. Part III reviewed an example XenDesktop Pilot Architecture. Part IV reviewed the Virtual Desktop Delivery of Dan Feller’s “XenDesktop Pilot Implementation Guide”. Now in Part V we review the integration with XenApp for application delivery to the virtual desktops. This is the second section from Dan’s Pilot Implementation Guide.

This embedded presentation covers the “Application Delivery” section of the Pilot Implementation Guide.

Click here to view the presentation in full screen at Slide Share.

This presentation does have several slide notes that provide additional detail. You can view the slide notes here.

Frank Anderson on the XenDesktop team has created a few screencasts covering the features of XenDesktop. You can watch his short screencast covering the provisioning and lifecycle management features of XenDesktop here. Frank’s screencast on user experience is available here.

Download the free XenDesktop Express Edition here