It’s time again to share the content of CitrixBlogger.Org with the main Citrix blog space. Summarizing the content tends to reveal that the topics are very diverse. It is unclear whether this is good or bad. Most likely based on “Good to Great” standards it is not the best strategy. However, diversity often leads to interesting avenues of exploration. The marketing path with Jim Trout is perhaps the most different but also strangely very relevant. Walking down memory lane with Bill Gates was quite a treat. Learning what makes VHD tick was unexpectedly easy. Sharing tips is always fun since it is great to explore some new angle with the hopes of helping out other people as well.

Anyways, I hope you find something interesting in this list. Having a blog is a bit like trying to find customers. You try lots of topics in the hopes of generating interest. Typically the topics fall a bit flat but sometimes they do much better than expected. A post earlier this year spiked around 1000 people in the first day. The post was related to Microsoft’s worst nightmare . The post was picked up by a Mac site that had a high readership. I tried one more time to address that market but did not catch the same interest the second time around.

Life is a long and winding road. Trying to capture audience seems a bit futile. It is far better for them to discover you, even if the posts are a bit quirky.

New device which promises to make it much easier to use Smartphones with Citrix clients

*Virtual Hard Disk Specification
The original specification for virtual hard disks that is spreading quickly within Citrix

*Bill Gates – Looking Back, Moving Ahead
A misty colored look through the combined history of Bill Gates and Microsoft

*The Better Product Fallacy
Don’t think that building a better product is going to make you more popular

*Sumit Dhawan Speaks About VDI
Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to VDI

*Vista Snipping Tool
Windows goes under the scissors through this excellent capture tool

*Citrix Video Tips
Put the words video and tips together and most likely it will be visually interesting

*Easy Sysinternals Tools
Run Sysinternals tools from anywhere without having to locate or install