In an article posted about the World’s Smallest IPv6 Stack Being developed by Cisco, Atmel, and SICS

I couldn’t help but think that yeah, having all those IP addresses is going to be a great for networking all of the light bulbs in the world. But what really got me thinking was when I thought about all the IP addresses we are going to need when we start adding virtualization to those light bulbs, for going green of course.

In today’s world when we talk about virtualization we see that need to get a handle on virtualized server sprawl, or on the other hand encouraging virtualized server sprawl. You really start to see that we may need IPv6 sooner than we thought. Because, we are now doing server and desktop virtualization, and in essence doubling the apparent amount of needed IP address very quickly every time we virtualize a desktop or have to use a virtual IP for application presentation.

Luckily IPv4 still lives on, and many organizations have nothing to worry about, because of our good friend NAT, but when IPv4 is turned off, NAT is not going to be an option, and we are really going to have think about our address space needs whether you are virtualizing or not.