Today was an interesting day. We had a new member of our team join Citrix today. The usual events happen on days like this, you know where you tell them you story and they tell you theirs. There was something different about today, maybe it was that we were seeing things from the same perspective, which is that it’s all about people or maybe it was because today was new guy day. But I couldn’t help thinking about the major differentiating factor in companies is in how they operate as a company internally and externally. Sure, the product they offer is important, but would you really want to deal with someone or a company that doesn’t have you in mind as their best interest.
We went to lunch for Chinese food, at a restaurant called bamboos, in a fitting piece of irony, my fortune cookie left me with this fortune:

“Listen to everyone, Ideas come from everywhere”

This fortune re-enforced part of the topics of the day, “Its all about people”, and “Its all about relationships”. I know this is not your typical post on the Citrix Blog, but I felt it was something of value to our readers, as this is also part of the reason why people who blog, do what they do. We are reaching out to you as you are reaching out to us, and together we are building this thing called community.