As promised in the TechTalk “Learn What’s New in Citrix XenApp 5 to Address Your Windows Application Delivery Needs”, I am posting the link to the power point and summarizing the attendee Q&A.

XenApp 5 Upgrade/Migration Q&A

Q: What is the upgrade path from PS 4 or PS 4.5 to XenApp 5?

A: Please see the migration guide for moving from PS 4 or PS 4.5 to XenApp 5. Also view the webinar on best practices to upgrading/migrating to XenApp 5.

Application Streaming Q&A

Q: I still don’t understand the difference between publishing an app and streaming an app.

A: Streaming puts the application on the target device like the server or the client. It’s merle y a delivery method. Publishing is how an administrator controls which applications are available to what users and how. When publishing an application you can choose how the user gets access to that application – it can be either streamed to the user’s end point (desktop/laptop) or streamed to the server and accessed using the XenApp hosted client. So streaming is a delivery vehicle, publishing is delivery control.

Q: Can you describe the application profiling process for those of us that are unfamiliar with it?

A: You simply run the profiler, follow the instructions, and install the application. It’s actually pretty simple.

Q: Is there a document on the web to research how to setup a streaming application in XenApp to test it and “play”?

A: The Streaming admin guide is actually very well written for this purpose.

Q: Is 4.5 application isolation the same as in 5.0?

A: It is actually very different. We added new features in 5.0 like inter-isolation communication and also made significant application compatibility enhancements.

Q: Does the application profiler capture windows services?

A: Not yet.

Q: So would streaming improve the performance of apps in a limited bandwidth environment?

A: ICA is the thinnest way of delivering client\server applications. You would stream to the server and then remotely display from there to the client. Streaming is best used for applications that need to be used offline such as productivity apps. In this case, streaming simplifies their delivery and management and offload their resource needs from the server to the client. The application would use it’s native networking requirements when you stream to the client. Hence, streaming to the client does not improve bandwidth. it improves management, maintenance, and application compatibility. Streaming tot he server does it all.

Q: Do I need to buy the Access Gateway in order for me to be able to stream an app over the WAN?

A: No. Application Streaming is part of XenApp Enterprise & Platinum editions. You can optionally buy the Citrix branch repeater to improve application streaming performance for branch office users.

Q: Does application streaming support isolation of Windows services?

A: Not Available

Web Interface Q&A

Q: Does new Web Interface work with PS 4.5

A: Yes

Q: Can the new Web Interface be used with both XenApp & XenDesktop?

A: Yes. Use Web Interface 5.0.1 that supports both XenApp and XenDesktop

Q: What Platforms does Web Interface 5.x support?

A: It supports both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Licensing Q&A

Q: Does the license server need to be upgraded when moving from 4.5 to 5?

A: Yes. Remember that the latest LS is backward compatible with previous versions of XenApp

Q: Will I need new licenses for running XenApp 5?

A: The SA Eligibility date for XenApp 5 is August 27th 2008. Hence if your XenApp licenses are current on SA by that date, you should be set.

Q: How can I get a 90-day evaluation license for XenApp5?

A: Please contact a local reseller (find yours at or you can call 800-4CITRIX. We are also planning on offering a preconfigured Evaluation Virtual Appliance for the Windows Server 2003 platform sometime in Q4.

Q: Can I mix and match XenApp edition licenses? Platinum is cost prohibitive as an existing Advanced customer but I could possibly see a benefit for supporting some of my users with Platinum features

A: Check out my blog on this topic

Q: If you stream an application to a XenApp server and then publish that application as a XenApp hosted application, does that only use one concurrent license or two?

A: It uses one license. Only one CCU license is consumed per client device when accessing hosted XenApp applications.

Q: Do you need a separate license for streaming ?

A: You can use a XenApp Enterprise or Platinum licenses for streaming applications to desktops/laptops or you can purchase additional add on streaming licenses.

XenApp clients Q&A

Q: Any news on making an ICA client for the iPhone?

A: Check this blog for more details

Q: Is PN Agent still available in XenApp 5?

A: Yes. It is called XenApp applications

Q: What is the minimum ICA client version supported by XenApp 5?

A: To avail all the new functionalities, you need to use XenApp hosted client version 11.0 and streamed client version 1.2

Q: I understand that the name has been changed but will Program Neighborhood Agent be still available with XenApp 5?

A: Yes

Misc Q&A

Q: What are the key differences that separate PS 4.5 and XenApp 5?

A: Please see the feature comparison matrix.

Q: Are there any enhancements to terminal server roaming profiles and management of them?

A: Check out our User Profile Manager Tech Preview. It will be released in Q4 2008 for general use.

Q: Have you made improvements to the Resource Manager that was available in Presentation Server? Our company has always had need to query database directly, to cross-reference our own HR and account databases against the network ID trapped by Citrix.

A: The new Resource Manager that was made available in XenApp 5 is built on Citrix EdgeSight technology. It provides better reporting capabilities than previous version.

Q: Is an additional appliance required to implement EasyCall?

A: Yes. EasyCall requires the EasyCall appliance. XenApp includes the user licenses and hence you just need to purchase the appliance for using EasyCall in your XenApp environment.

Q: I’ve read XenApp 5 has improvements on multi-monitor support. What do these improvements contain?

A: Support for higher resolution similar as Microsoft increased the video buffer on Windows Server 2008 to enable us to support larger video spaces.

Q: Is there a new version of Secure Gateway?

A: Yes. Secure Gateway 3.1

Q: Has the 128-bit encryption option in the ICA protocol been discontinued? We currently require this for some published apps and would prefer not to be forced into an SSL VPN solution.

A: No. It is still available

Q: Does the new Installation Manager work on 64 bit?

A: Yes. It is supported on Windows Server 2008 x32 and x64.

Q: Can we install XenApp in a virtualized environment (XenServer) or it a better practice to install it on physical server?

A: Check out this blog on this topic

Q: Will the WANScaler be out of product line and replaced with WAN optimizer software in each client?

A: The WANScaler client is the new Citrix Accelerator client and can be deployed on laptops and desktops to improve branch office user and roaming user experience.

Q: We use PS 4.5 today with Oracle DB. How will oracle DB be supported in XenApp 5 ?

A: Oracle Database is still supported as a data store option in XenApp 5