As promised in the TechTalk, here is the the link to the power point and following is the summarized attendee Q&A.

Web Interface Q&A

Q: Can Web Interface front end both XenApp and XenDesktop?

A: Yes. Use the latest Web Interface 5.0.1 that supports XenApp and XenDesktop

Q: Does the account unlock feature of Web Interface require password manager?

A: Yes

Q: Can you use Web Interface 5.x with PS 4.5?

A: Yes

Q: What are the companies you listed in your presentation that are doing Web Interface customizations

A: and

Q: Web Interface changes are great, but what my users really want is PNAgent support via CSG. When is that going to happen?

A: This is supported with the latest XenApp client and Secure Gateway 3.1

XenApp clients Q&A

Q: Will there be a XenApp client for BlackBerry?

A: Since our Blackberry client partner ROVE suspended support for ICA Client, we are working with a new partner to provide similar support. Stay tuned.

Q: Can you use the new XenApp Plugin with PS 4.5?

A: Yes

XenApp Upgrade/Migration Q&A

Q: Can we upgrade from PS 4.0 to XA 5.0 or do we need to upgrade to PS 4.5 first?

A: You can move directly from PS 4.0 to XA 5.0. For specific details, refer to the upgrade/migration white paper and attend the “Upgrading/Migrating to XenApp 5 TechTalk” as well.

Misc Q&A

Q: What is Citrix Branch Repeater?

Q: Citrix Branch Repeater is an appliance that combines our WAN optimization technology with Windows Branch infrastructure services. Visit the branch repeater page for more information.