Acresso Software recently put together a project to study the impact of using their products with the Application Virtualization feature of Citrix XenApp.

Preparing applications for a virtual deployment can be one of the largest hurdles in an application virtualization project. In lab tests conducted by The Tolly Group, AdminStudio decreased the time needed to prepare an enterprise-level application for streaming via Citrix XenApp by up to 60%. Learn more about how AdminStudio can reduce the time needed to prepare applications for deployment in this benchmark study.

Acresso Software and Citrix commissioned The Tolly Group to test and illustrate the benefits of implementing Acresso’s AdminStudio® packaging solution with the application streaming feature of Citrix XenApp™. The results of this study showcase how AdminStudio combines powerful application virtualization with Web-based process management tools to reduce an organization’s IT costs and increase application reliability. When deployed in a Citrix XenApp environment, AdminStudio enables virtual applications to be deployed quickly.

• Decreases the time to package virtual applications by up to 60%, with a minimum savings during tests of 28%
• Reduces hourly packaging costs by up to 47% for large-sized enterprise-class applications
• Integrates AdminStudio with XenApp to increase efficiency when packaging applications for virtual deployment
• Requires no extra learning curve to prepare virtual applications compared to traditional applications
• Ensures best practices when migrating to a virtual environment by using tools designed to pre-package applications

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