There are literally hundreds of features built into XenApp 5.0. In my opinion, three of the features are critical to success in almost every single XenApp farm. View the embedded presentation below for more info on the three keys to success with XenApp.

(click here to see the presentation in full screen)

Click here for the XenApp Web (aka Web Interface 5.01) Administrator’s Guide. You can find the ReadMe here.

Click here to watch a video with one of the developer’s of Preferential Load Balancing, Prasanna Padmanabhan (the video covers the beta version). You can listen to an audio interview on PLB here.

Go here to watch a video interview I did with Gary Barton (Citrix Printing developer) at Citrix Synergy.

You can view the schedule for archived and upcoming XenApp 5.0 webinars here.