In my last post, I discussed the new look and feel for our Access Gateway user experience.   Most of the focus was about the consistency of user experience across Citrix Delivery Center.   Well, the WANScaler product team has done the same with the Accelerator client plug-in. The Accelerator desktop icon is pretty cool…

The real value of Accelerator is that it makes things go faster (hence the name, gotta love those creative marketing folks ).  

In my job, the biggest kick that I get with Accelerator is when I transfer files from my laptop to my V: drive on the network.   First pass on a big Powerpoint presentation download can take a couple of minutes across the world, but then after a few tweaks to the file, the upload  takes less than 10 seconds.  There is no way that I’ll ever let someone take this away from me.  

The performance improvement is a result of Delta compression where only the changes are re-transmitted.  The running joke is that we’ll improve this someday and call it Gamma compression.

The geek in me has fun opening the Accelerator Manager window and watching  the Performance page. The more light blue in the graph the better.  Here, it’s making my home DSL line feel like I’m in the office on the LAN.

Accelerator integrates with the Access Gateway client so that you get the combined benefit of a fast and secure connection when you are remote.  Although, I run in this mode on our open wireless network when in the office as well. More on this some other time…

With the Accelerator icon running in my systray, I know that WANScaler and the Accelerator client plug-in are quietly working in the background to make my experience “LAN-like” everywhere I connect.

Go Fast!