In my last post, I discussed the importance of user experience -> It’s All About The User Experience (IAATHUX)
Our Access Gateway team has come up with a new look and
feel that is nice and clean.   I think this is much more intuitive and consistent with the experience across Citrix Delivery Center.   Notice that they are using plugin terminology in anticipation of App Receiver.

The desktop icon has changed from the “two rubic’s cubes connected by a red pipe” to the simple and easy to understand lock symbol.   The rationale here is that secure access is not just about remote access but should secure connections onsite and offsite.

The thing I like the most with Access Gateway is that with auto-reconnect, I can just live in secure connected mode all the time.  At Citrix, we run open wireless networks at most locations, so I can just put my laptop to sleep and start-up in any location (including at home) and be assured a secure connection without having to do anything.  I just see the secure lock icon in my systray and the auto reconnect happen as I transit networks. 

With the advantages of de-perimeterization,
I think more and more users will appreciate this model. Check out the Jericho Forum, for more on this model.